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Cycling along the roads in this fjord and mountain landscape is a real joy.  The scenery here is very beautiful from a boat or bus but when you cycle it is something completely different.You get a wonderful feeling as you slowly take in what is all around you, gliding along at your own speed along the fjord edge.You cycle along past little streams, big rivers, waterfalls, wayside flowers and thick forest edges. You see far over the fjord as well as the ripples and reflections on the water beside you. 

Here are some suggestions. Just cycle as far as you like along any of these roads. We especially recommend the ride to Dragsvik and also 'The three fjord ride.'

Balestrand-Dragsvik (9 km). Each way.

The road between Balestrand and Dragsvik goes around the beautiful small fjord branch of Esefjord. As you round the end of the fjord there are dramatic craggy cliffs above. At Dragsvik you can take a break at the Lunde arboretum, a small wooded area where you can sit by the water's edge and look out over the fjord. It is an easy ride and such a pleasure to do that we think it is well worth doing several times whenever you just have an hour or so free and feel like a reviving ride. Even if you just do the first 5 km to the end of Esefjord where you can sit on a bench with the craggy cliffs behind and just watch the water birds and reflections on the smooth water.

THE 3 FJORD RIDE: Balestrand - Esefjord (9km) - Sværefjord (8km) - Vetlefjord (7km) - Menes ( 5km). (Total 29 km each way).

Highly recommended. This road is wonderful and goes along three branches of the Sognefjord. There are a few mild ups and downs here and there, but nothing steep. At Dragsvik (9 km) there is a hotel where you can have refreshments. After that there are no other facilities along the route, just the fjord, the mountains and picturesque farms and hamlets along the way. You have wide views over the fjord all the way with different mountains and valleys coming into view as you ride along. From Vetlefjord you can ride 5 km along a lovely little branch road to the farms at Menes, where you turn round and ride back. Alternatively, from Vetlefjord you could just carry straight on along the road to see some of the beautiful valley that lies ahead.

Balestrand-Kvamsøy (13 km). Each way.

Cycle the other way out of the village along the road to Kvamsøy. Here there is a rest area where you can see across to the little island of Kvamsøy where there is a lovely small stone church from about 1300. The road is easy with a few mild ups and downs. You have wide open views over the fjord all the way. If you stop on the way and just sit and see over the water a while you may see porpoises swimming out in the fjord.

Balestrand-Saurdal (14 km). Each way.

Cycle 7 km along the road in the direction of Kvamsøy. Turn right at the sign to Saurdal and ride a further 7 km up a gravel forestry track winding steadily up to a height of 620m. This route is certainly hard work but great if you like this kind of cycling or if you are a keen cyclist and need a training route while you are on holiday! At the top you are well rewarded with wonderful views over the fjord and to the distant mountains. You could just go part of the way, where you will still get very good views down.

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