Buråsi (0-575m) Exceptional views to the dramatic steep mountain sides over Esedalen valley and over Esefjord, a lovely small branch of the Sognefjord. 2.5 - 4 hours, do a loop or return the same way. Moderate route.

Balastølen and Fjærstadstølen loop (0 - 430m). Winding walk to cabin in the forest. Passes through open areas with views down over Sognefjord.  3 - 4 hours round trip. Moderate.

Hiking routes 2

Tjuatoten (0- 1098m) Starting point in Dragsvik, 9km from Balestrand centre (can get bus or cycle). Magnificent mountain summit with exceptional and far reaching views over snow capped mountains and different branches of the Sognefjord. 6 - 7 hours round trip. Demanding.